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Pls note due to Lockdown, our 30 min to 3 hours Delivery will not be available till further notice.

To order for 21st July,20 onwards, pls continue :

Fresh Vegetables & Fruits


You can not select this product as your Grocery order is in process.

  • Kindly check the FAQ below if you are not very familiar with the functioning of this website. If your query is of urgent nature and is different from the set of questions then do write to us at or Whatsapp us on 9881391919 / 9284238996 between 10 am & 9 pm on all days including Sunday to get our immediate help.

    1.How does PICODEL work?
    When you give order on PICODEL App (Web/Android/iOS) , it goes to neighbourhood Grocery / Vegetable Stores and one of them supply you within 3 hours.*

    What are important benefits of using PICODEL?
    1.Delivery within 30 Minutes to 3 hours*.
    2.Choice from more than 4000 product list which is continuously increasing.
    3.No payment is collected in advance, so your amount is safe with you and pay only when you check all items at time of delivery.

    How can I pay for the order?
    You can choose to Pay by Cash, Credit /Debit Card Swipe, PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm.

    What is the return policy?
    As you are paying after receiving items, we recommend you to check and return immediately and pay only for remaining items.

    What is the position of Delivery timing through PICODEL during Locked Down?
    As during locked down Market Supplies and Manpower is completly disturbed. It is usually taking 1 to 3 days depending on areas and items.
    We don't suggest you to order in case if you have some urgent needs as Market conditions are unpredictable.

    Account Related

    How to create Account/Register?

    You can register by clicking Login on the upper right corner. A login page will open, click on the register button. Please provide the information in the form that appears and submit the registration information.

    What is My Account?

    My Account section allows you to see your active orders, credit note details as well as see your order history and update your order details.

    How do I reset my information or password?

    - Personal data like address, phone numbers, and email ids can be change after the login is done.


    - To change your password, you need to enter your email id on login page click on forget password. An email with the link to change the password will be sent to your email address.

    Do I have to necessarily register to shop on

    You can surf and add products to the cart without registration but only registered shoppers will be able to checkout and place orders. Registered members have to be logged in at the time of checking out the cart, they will be prompted to do so if they are not logged in.

    Can I have multiple registrations?

    Each email address and contact phones number can only be associated with


    Products from what all categories you can buy from

    You can buy grocery, fruits & Veggies as of now from

    Order Related

    What should I do if I have any specific requirement?

    During the checkout process you will be given an option to place your specific requirements in the remarks section.

    We encourage you to help us out with your requirement if you have any. For e.g. if you require fully ripped Papaya then we suggest you to mention the same in the remarks. This will help us to get the desired product for you.

    When and how can I cancel my order?

    You can cancel order till 1 hour before the delivery time starts by sending us Whatsapp message on 9881391919/ 9284238996 with the order id number.

    How do I add or remove products after adding the product?

    Usually, we call the customer for the confirmation after the order is being placed so during the call you can make changes to the order. If you want to make any changes to the order post that then you can Whatsapp us on >9881391919/ 9284238996 to make the changes.

    Can I return partial order? Yes, you can return partial order. Orders are returned at the item level hence you can initiate partial order return in case of any mismatch of expectations.


    How do I check which items were not available from my order? Will someone inform me about the items unavailable in my order before delivery?

    You will receive a call from the customer call centre for the unavailable products. You can make changes to the order or order an alternative product against the same. Payment

    What are the modes of Payment?

    You can pay for order on using following modes of Payment:

    a. PhonePe /Any other UPI : You can pay for your order at the time of order delivery at your doorstep.

    b. Cash on Delivery: You can pay for your order at the time of order delivery at your doorstep.

    c. Swipe on Delivery: You can pay for your order via credit/debit card at the time or order delivery at your doorstep.

    Are there any other charges or taxes in addition to the price shown?

    The GST is included in the MRP of products. There are no additional taxes added by to your order. The prices you see on our product pages are the prices you pay. There is some delivery charges applied dependent upon the type of delivery, which is explained under delivery segment.



    What are different delivery types? has two different delivery types:

    1. Regular Delivery: The order is delivered within 30 minutes to 3 hours from the time the order is placed.

    2. Scheduled Delivery: You can schedule the delivery as per your convenience.

    How will the delivery be done? is an aggregator platform. Whenever you open the website you and select the delivery area, a list of products start appearing in front of you. All the products are available on neighborhood retailers associated with us. So, the delivery is done from the retailer. If products from different retailers are selected then delivery is done with the help of deliver team.

    How do I change the delivery info (address to which I want products delivered)?

    You can change your delivery address on our website once you log into your account. Click on “Login” at the top right hand corner and go to the “Update My Profile” section to change your delivery address.

    How much are the delivery charges?

    Delivery Charges of INR 30/- applicable wef from 01st June, 2020 on all applicable orders.


    What is the minimum order for delivery?

    Minimum order for delivery is INR 500 for Groceries and INR 300 for Vegetable and Fruits combined.

    How is my order processed?

    As soon as you place an order, the following actions take place:

    1. You will get a notification through SMS of the confirmed order along with the expected delivery time.

    2. The respective store is notified of the order and the delivery slot. The Store then prepares your order and, packs it. If, certain products are not available with the store then customer care executive from the company will call you to check for the alternative product and confirm the same with the store.

    3. After the order is confirmed by you, the delivery executive from or the store will deliver the product depending upon the type of delivery.

    4. After the order is delivered to you successfully, you will receive an SMS confirming the delivery. You may also receive a call for feedback.

    Throughout the delivery stages, our Order Fulfilment Team continuously monitors the process so that you get the desired product within the time committed to you. In case the order cannot be processed for any reason whatsoever, the same will be informed to you at the earliest.

    How will I know if any item in my order is not available?

    We try and make sure that the list with the retailer or product shown at the retailer is updated so that order can be fulfilled at all the times. However, if the item is not available at the stores because of certain unavoidable reason then our fulfilment team will notify you the same in quick time. They will also suggest possible alternative for the product not available.

    Customer Related 

    How do I contact customer service?

    You can contact our customer service team throughout the week, all seven days week from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. They can be reached at 9881391919/ 9284238996 or

    How can I give feedback for the quality of the products delivered?

    We strive to give you the best quality of products. If there is any mismatch in the expectations of the products being delivered then you can reach out to customer service to get it replaced.

    How can I sell on

    You need to press the become seller on the upper right corner, a contact form will appear. Or you can Whatsapp your details on 9881391919/ 9284238996 or

    Post you fill in the details and the marketing team will approach you for the same.